Retirement Pension Calculator

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Retirement Pension Calculator

Our pension calculator will help you understand how long your pension could last in your retirement.

By filling in a few details about your current salary and existing pension pots we can calculate what age your pension is likely to cover you until.


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Average Life Expectancy in UK Male: 79.2      Female: 82.9 Source: ONS 2019

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The pension calculator is based on a drawdown pension and not an annuity purchase, it does not allow for any tax free cash withdrawals. We make the following assumptions: 2% inflation rate and a mid range fund growth rate of 4% pa. It does not take into account any State Pension payments you may be eligible for. The information published on this website is for information purposes only.

How does the pension age calculator work?

It’s essential to make sure you keep an eye on your pension value and understand if the amount you’re putting away will be enough to fund the future you want. How much you save into your pension now, together with your investment choices, can make a huge difference to the size of
your pension pot. Our pension calculator can help you to see if you’re saving enough.

What if my result falls below the average UK life expectancy?

There are several different options you can take to help maximise your retirement income and achieve the lifestyle you want.

What if I’m on track to get the retirement I want?

If it looks like you’re likely to achieve the lifestyle you want during retirement, it’s still worth speaking to an adviser. Our chartered advisers can help work out the best retirement plan for you as well as helping to find the best investment opportunities and maximise your retirement income.

What advice can I expect from Imperial Chartered?

We tailor our pension advice to your circumstances. Our experienced advisers assist in choosing and setting up the best pension for you. We can help you to plan your retirement and make sure you can achieve the lifestyle you want.

How accurate is the pension calculator?

Our pension calculator aims to give you a rough guide to how long your pension can support you in retirement. The output of the Pension calculator is an estimate only and not guaranteed. The actual retirement income you receive may be affected by future changes such as Inflation, Interest Rates and Investment Growth.

Am I saving enough?

To get the retirement you want can take some careful planning. You’ll need to think about how much income you’d like when you retire, and the lifestyle you’d like to lead. Our chartered advisers can help you to maximise your income during your retirement and make the most of your pension.

How can I find out about investment opportunities?

The money you put into your pension is invested to allow it to grow. How it’s invested will affect the rate in which it grows. It’s crucial to understand your investment options so that you can make the most of your pension when you retire.