Protect what matters to you.

It is a legal requirement to insure your home or car but not your own life!

We all hope that we will never need to make a claim against your insurance. If you do however, you want to be sure that the insurance you have is right for you and your loved ones.

Imperial Chartered can give you guidance on what type and level of insurance is suitable for you and ensure you get it at a competitive price, we research the whole of the market to ensure you get the best product available to you and your family.

Questions that often get raised:

  • What type of cover do I need?
  • Am I paying too much for my policy?
  • Is my insurance good value for money?
  • Is there a provider that will provide better cover for what I am currently paying?

The following are common types of insurance we arrange for clients (but there are also many more):

  • Life insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Protection (ASU)
  • Critical Illness Cover (CIC)
  • Business protection

Personal Protection:

Term Assurance
Comprehensive life insurance, with or without a critical illness option

Mortgage Life Insurance
Flexible mortgage protection, with or without a critical illness option.

Critical Illness Cover
An option that provides financial protection for you and your family if they suffer a serious illness.

Guaranteed Whole of Life
Financial protection for your loved ones.

Business Protection 

Partnership Protection

What happens if a Partner in your business dies? Not only do you lose their experience and expertise but what happens to their share of the business?

  • Can you afford to buy their share of the business without having to take out a loan or asset selling?
  • Their share of the business might pass to someone who has no knowledge or interest in your business, normally the spouse of the deceased business owner. That person might be in a position to sell the company above your head.

Keyman Cover

A Keyperson is insured for life or critical illness.

In the event of a claim, the proceeds are paid directly to the company. We can also offer Keyman Income Protection (Keyman permanent health insurance). This money could be used in several ways, for example:

  • recruiting or training a replacement,
  • to repay a business loan,
  • compensation for lost sales.

Speak to our expert team to find out more.